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M16 is probably a most Newbie friendly weapon in Red crucible 2 for people who cant afford to buy coins.
Its a little bouncy, but it has nice accuracy, rather fast reloading speed, and gives decent damage to enemy.
However it almost gives no affect to armored vehicles and chopper, you can try though...

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Firing in Aim mode is recommended, but when your enemy is close, you can just fire them normally and you will still get nice affect to enemy your engaging.

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Reloading M16 takes 2.25 second according to the inventory menu. Its a rather fast reloading speed compared to other weapons you can use.

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The red circle and the dot shows where bullet goes when you fire.
Always try to put enemy inside the circle.
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Hey guys, i know i havent posted things recently... been a bit busy.
So in this category, ill be introducing each weapons and their ability.
But before introducing them, ill show you guys the basic infos you need to know when you play.

So heres the screen.

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① Radar

white dots - Allies
Red dots - Enemies
(Red dot only appears when enemy shoots their primary/secondary weapon.)

② Time and scores

Center clock shows the left time of your match... really important when your playing Attack and defense.
The side number shows the scores of your team red/blue.

③Chat screen

White letters - Room chat
Yellow letters - Team chat
Grey letters - Friend chat
To enter chat mode, press T or Enter.
Use arrow keys to switch Room/Team/Friend chat modes.
Remember, chat appears in top of your character when you type! It is really easy for enemy to know where you are if you talk in Room chat while the battle.


This is probably one of the originality of Red crucible 2
Your health will to heal by time!! only way to heal your self is to use Med kit.


You can see your left over ammo in your magazine... however, you get infinity ammo in current version.
It also shows what kind of bullet your using, but it seems to be showing 20mm for what ever weapon you use.


-Airstrikes #7

Calls for Airstrikes which drops 3 bombs to where you are pointing.
Can be collected by archiving 8 kill streaks, getting air supplies, or buy it in inventory.

-Artillery #8

Calls for Artillery strike which is slightly more powerful than Airstrikes.
Can be collected by getting air supplies, or buy it in inventory.

-Med kit #9

Heals your health up to 70% when used.
You cannot heal your self over 70% no matter how many time you use med kit.
Can be collected by getting air supplies, or buy it in inventory.

-Mines #0

Place mine which automatically explodes when theres enemy near it.
To destroy enemy mines, simply shoot them, but be sure that your far away from it... these mines are much more deadly than you think.
Can be collected by getting air supplies, or buy it in inventory.

-Grenades #G

Throws a grenade, effective to enemy infantry.
Can be collected by getting air supplies (5 grenades for each supplies), or buy it in inventory.
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