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M1 Abrams

M1 Abrams, Heavy Tank for USA side.
Heavily protected by armor and 120mm canon.
If you are in this tank... theres nothing that can stop you... (there is but.. to be more cooler haha)
You can also fire a torrent tuned 20mm gun, but it isn't that useful even against infantry.
Watch out for Hind Choppers !! This tank is slow... you can easily get hit....

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.31
Abrams in the hill.

Basic controls
W-Move forward
S-Move backwards
A-Move left
D-Move right
Mouse-Move your torrent
Left click-Fire your main gun
Right click-Fire 20mm machine gun
V-scope mode
F-Focus mode

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.31-1
Abrams firing at enemy AA-tank.

Always try to aim a little forward when enemy tank is moving fast.
It is hard to aim at enemies lower than you with this tank! Try to take lower position than enemy tank.
Also when your armor is low, try to evacuate before it blows up and kills you.
And when you see chopper coming towards you..... RUN!

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.32
Firing 20mm machine gun in scope mode.

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Mil Mi-24 Hind

Mi-24 Hind is a helicopter available in USSR side.
It is armed with 4 continual S-5 rocket and 12.7mm machine gun.
However, 20mm gun is only available when there is more than 2 people aboard.
Mi-24 is really strong against Armored vehicles, like Heavy tanks, Light tanks.
But always be carful of AA-tanks and enemy armed with stinger.

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.37
Hind in USSR helipad.

Basic control
Space-Go up
C-Go down
Left click-shoot rockets, fir 20mm bullets
V-Scope view

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.58-3
Hind passing over USSR ship.

Best way to avoid getting hit by guided rockets are
Keep your chopper in high altitude !!
Keep your chopper moving around ! this really makes it harder to take down a helicopter.

s_Screen Shot 2012-05-20 at 9.37-1
Mi-24 taking off.
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