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AT4 is a easy to use rocket launcher that shoots 84mm (This is why its called an AT4) Heat rocket.
All you have to do is aim at the target.
Launch AT4, and prepare for your next shot.

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So heres a little demonstration.
You encounter with enemy ZSU-Silka AA tank.
Make sure that you are near cover incase enemy handles your first shot.

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Right click for scope mode, bring the enemy vehicle in the center.

s_Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 12.02

And shoot!
It took 2 rockets to take that Silka down, but you need more if your fighting against heavier vehicle.
By the way you dont really have to be in scope mode if you are this close to enemy tank.
When your enemy is far away, crouch and make your self stable to get an accurate shot.
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