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AT4 is a easy to use rocket launcher that shoots 84mm (This is why its called an AT4) Heat rocket.
All you have to do is aim at the target.
Launch AT4, and prepare for your next shot.

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So heres a little demonstration.
You encounter with enemy ZSU-Silka AA tank.
Make sure that you are near cover incase enemy handles your first shot.

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Right click for scope mode, bring the enemy vehicle in the center.

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And shoot!
It took 2 rockets to take that Silka down, but you need more if your fighting against heavier vehicle.
By the way you dont really have to be in scope mode if you are this close to enemy tank.
When your enemy is far away, crouch and make your self stable to get an accurate shot.
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RPG-22, one shot disposable anti-tank rocket launcher created by the soviet is an affective weapon against vehicles.
It is heavy, slow reloading speed, but RPG-22 is one of the few weapons that are actually usable free against armored vehicles.
Like i said, RPG-22 was created by soviets, however, its only available free in Blue (NATO) side.

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Right click to scope and aim enemy tank in center of the cross.
RPG-22 is also affective against helicopters, but it takes long practice to take them down.

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You can see the rocket propelled HEAT missile flying off from the launcher...
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RPK, ручной пулемёт Калашникова

RPK light machin gun

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This powerful light machine-gun can shoot 10 rounds in one second.
Nice fire power, rather low recoil compared to other machin gun.
Its available free in red side or you can buy it for only 10 coins/210 honor points.

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The recoil seems to be less than SAW, however you still have to consider about it while your shooting.
Aim the head to take down in 1 shot, or aim foot so you dont have to think about recoil.

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RPK has 100 rounds in 1 drum type magazine, (It should be 75 rounds though....)
It takes only about 3 secs to reload.
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SAW, M249 light machin gun

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SAW, M249 is a light machin gun available for all players.
Its power and firing rate is purely awesome... however this gun bounces alot when you fire.
It takes about 3 seconds to reload, not bad but you should take cover while you reload.

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You dont have to be in aim mode if enemy is very close to you.
Try aiming their head, it only takes one shot to kill the enemy.

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Red dot shows where your first round flies, the red circle shows where 2~ shots likely to go considering the recoil of the machin gun.
Shoot each 1~5 burst when enemy is in distance.
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Oh What can i say about this weapon.
Ak-74 is a smilar to M16, Friendly for people who just started playing Red crucible 2, nice damage, fast reload, and good accuracy.
Aiming is bit hard comparing to M16, however, the rebound seems to be less than M16.

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Red dot and circle shows where you hit.
Like i said its a bit harder to aim compared to M16, but you can learn it quickly if you use alot.
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